Spacer Once upon not so long long time ago, there stood a little cottage in an enchanted wood. Magic wove through the air and through the cottage. It flowed like a cascading water down a stream and shimmered in the warm autumn sun...

Spacer ..each Wednesday Weekday and some Special, Sacred Saturdays, women would come from far and wide to gather and meet in the cottage.
Spacer From many lands, speaking many tongues, laden arms brought baskets overflowing with treasures which enabled all to speak with one voice. No one ever knew who would come, or what would be brought, but like the sands in an hourglass the women filtered through the door. Sometimes alone, sometimes in twos or threes. And having all journeyed from afar, it was agreed that when THEY came to the cottage in the wood, all of them would be known as WE and US.
Spacer With a multitude of treasures WE would spin OUR yarns and tell OUR tales and weave a rich tapestry of OUR lives. A history of times past, a legacy for those lives and times yet to be. Over cups of tea and talk, the tapestry was filled with laughter and even song, which frolicked and danced through the wood. Sometimes sprinkled teardrops soaked throughout the melody, enriching it with shared sorrows.
Spacer WE brought to the cottage a kaleidoscope of colours, hewn from the earth, the seas and the skies. OUR treasures, ingrained with knowledge that began with time, nurtured OUR souls and let OUR hearts soar to the heavens. For you see, WE were wise women who had learned the ways of old. The craft WE wove was as fine as mist and floated like gossamer. Threads that glistened in the cool morning light, glowed in the rays of soft moonlight. OUR work was woven both proud and strong, for the ties that beheld US were the bonds of friendship.
Spacer As WE met upon each day and toiled upon OUR wheels and looms, the threads of friendship grew strong and OUR tapestry became larger and more beautiful. WE were united with OURselves. All was well within. The cottage in the wood bespoke of song and solidarity. Until one day, an ill wind blew across the land and ventured inside the cottage. Once therein it sought a place to play, to stir and storm.
Spacer With barely a whisper it silently crept and saw the potential within. Here was a place for pranks. In to the tapestry it flew. Ruffling some edges, tangling some tassels and stirring behind a screen, a mischievous zephyr, it kept the door just enough ajar to give it room to romp and flit in and out.
Spacer At first no one noticed the breeze which blew, and no one noticed the severed thread or the tiny tangled speck. But as time went by the thread unravelled, and soon upon the tapestry first a space then a hole and then a cleft appeared that all could see. Quickened glances and darting feet rushed here and there, but naught could find the end, or was it the beginning WE should seek? There came confusion and then doubts began to creep.
Spacer Could one of US have slipped the knot, warped the loom or plied a path against the grain? Could WE have erred or made mistake and a tangled web begot?? How could it be that where WE once sat together in the wood, there now stood a room divided? WE folk with OUR lives and US over here, while THEY and all of THEM watched from across the air.
Spacer So it was for many long days and nights as the discontent grew through the open door. Where once glowed a welcome warmth from the winter chill, there stood a tainted tapestry that no one wanted to see. A tattered frame upon a tattered floor whose broken lines ran north and south as the wind whipped up and down. And the warmth that glowed, but as a dying ember lay.
Spacer Few came now to the cottage in the wood. Its magic was marred and the treasures tarnished. The enchantment all but departed to the recesses of memories and dreams. WE couldn't talk to THEM. THEY were no longer one of US. OUR house was in disarray -friendship had fallen away!
Spacer The winter eased its grip and an early sun shone rays of light. Fresh buds arose and stirred new life as the leaves whispered and the wood began to shake. The crack upon the flow grows wide and deep but wisdom in a woman's soul cannot long stay asleep.
Spacer "Wake up! Wake Up!" cried the magpie in the wood. She called alone and she called aloud flying from tree to tree. And landing upon the windowsill, she sang and sang for all the world to hear.

Spacer Remember
Spacer The days of old the threads we wove were pure and gold.
Spacer Remember
Spacer The thread that was light to hold and so bold.
Spacer Remember
Spacer A thread with fibres of life so fine - yours and mine.
Spacer Remember
Spacer It came to rest with thee and me and simply had to be.
Spacer Woven in a magic tapestry.
Spacer Remember.

Spacer At last there came a few who knew the wild and raging storm must pass and turned aside the cold, grey ash to find an ember small and weak. Still it shone and raised a spark -it would not be gone!
Spacer So THEY came to seek the calm and peaceful levity with which to find the thread and fix the broken tapestry. If WE can show THEM the storm has passed, together WE can tend the flame and fuel the hearth to once again spin OUR yarns and tell OUR tales that weave the bonds that build OURselves.
Spacer And of the crack upon the floor? 'Tis nothing more than ill laid plans of previous hands. When united WE sit in our cottage in the wood, there is nothing THEY can do to cleave a bonded group in two. For you see it's never too late to communicate!

(With permission: Fairy in the Dell)